A typical day at our house

I thought that I would write about a typical day at our house. Not that we are a “typical” family like the Cleavers or the Nelsons. We are more like Malcolm in the Middle.
So here is a glimpse into my daily life with my beloved family
Our two year old son comes into the room and says “daddy, daddy” while going around the dh’s side of the bed, By now the baby who is 10 months is usually awake and wanting to be taken out of his crib.The dh is out of bed at this point and I’m just starting to wake up some more. Everyone is up at this point and our four year old comes out wanting breakfast. Diapers are changed and the kids are dressed while my coffee is brewing(the dh doesn’t do coffee). After coffee and breakfast the dh takes a shower and gets ready for his day. I get dressed then. One of us will straighten the kitchen and wipe off the dining room table.
Than we “help” the kids clean their room and make their beds. The two oldest ones like helping the dh and I make our full size bed. Then we straighten up the house, read books, play and other things until lunch time. We have lunch and clean up after lunch. We try and give naps after lunch but some days that doesn’t happen. Oh well!
Then the afternoon is pretty much the same routine as the morning. We have supper. then it’s baths,and bedtime for everyone. We’re usually done done with our day around 10:00 pm. or so.
Are there days that the kids argue, fuss and fight? Of course there are but aren’t there days we all feel that way? Just remember that we all have bad days and our children are no different. For a great article on this visit The No Greater Joy website and look for the following article :http://www.nogreaterjoy.org/topics/child-training/attitudes/article-display/archive////bad-days/?tx_ttnews%5BbackPID%5D=7. Shalom does a great job encouraging moms of little ones with her views on this exact problem. I decided to take her advice on a particularly bad day and guess what? IT WORKED!!! The dishes sat a little longer but hey everyone felt better afterwards…


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