Webster’s dictionary defines normal as “According to a rule or principle.” (1828 edition). For many people that definition is fine and dandy. However this week, our family learned that for us we have to have a new definition of normal.
Before our youngest son diagnosed with medical problems including cardiological and pulmonary problems this past week, our normal pretty much seemed like most people’s definition of normal. Now we have a new “normal” for us.
Our new normal includes trips to specialists, new medications, new routines, new people who are part of various groups and agencies, rearranging of schedules to accomodate things and asking a ton load of questions about what our son has. { We do know this much: he has reactive airway disease, a hole in his heart and some other lung problems that is preventing him from growing like he should. We will know more once he has more testing done)
Does this new normal hurt us? No it doesn’t. Our family is learning to cope with this change in our lives.

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