Let’s Try This Again …

Something happened yesterday while I was typing and the post published before I was done with it. So here is the corrected post with the menus for the upcoming week. Sorry for any problem this may have caused anyone!

Sunday January 18, 2009
Breakfast (b)- Baked Apple Pancake
Lunch (l)- Macaroni and Cheese
Snack (s)- Cookies
Dinner (d) – Turkey Log ( Jennie O brand), Mashed Potatoes, Carrots

Monday January 19, 2009
B- Oatmeal
D-Salisbury steaks, Rice, Mexicorn

Tuesday January 21
B- Cereal w/ milk
L-Chicken Patties, Ramen Noodles
S- Cookies or fruit
D- Ham and Rice casserole

Wednesday January 22, 2009
B- Bagels w/ Jelly
S- Raisins
D- Oven Roasted beef w/ carrots, potatoes and onions

Thursday January 22
B- Cereal w/ milk
L- Hot Pocket Sandwiches
S- Pudding
D- CORD (Clean Out Refrigerator Day)

Friday January 23
B- Cereal w/ milk
S- Jello
D- Hot Dog Casserole

Saturday January 24
B- Omelets , toast
L- Sandwiches
S- Yogurt
D-Tortellini casserole, garlic bread

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