Second Day of The Challenge

Today was the second day of The Feelin‘ Feminine Challenge. For those who haven’t gotten a chance to read the last post I did here is the rundown; starting yesterday (Monday February 2ND) I am only going to wear skirts or dresses for the next seven days.
Today I had a simple black skirt with pockets and a white tee shirt. I cleaned both of the bathrooms, vacuumed, helped clean the oven and top of the stove, wrapped packages for mailing, make our bed and lots of other household tasks.
I had no problems and in fact was able to reach and kneel a lot easier since I was not being limited the way pants or jeans would have done to me.
I wanted an opinion on this whole matter so I decided to ask my dear hubby what he thought of me dressing the way I had been. This is what he said to me, “I think it’s great thing. I think you look very attractive. And feel honored and blessed that my wife would dress sensually and beautifully for me unlike the large quantity of women who only dress this way for church, their job or going out with friends.”
So with that I will tell everyone “good night” (it’s nearly 11 pm here 🙂 )

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