All is Vanity or Is It?

When we look into the mirror each day, what do we see? Do we see a woman trying her best to make herself into what the world would want her to look? Or are we trying to dress accordingly to what God would want?

Now, don’t get the idea that I think we should all run around in drab, dull colors. I happen to like a bit of color in my wardrobe. However, most of my skirts are basic colors like black, plum, navy,etc. I do have a very vibrant floral skirt that is full of bright cheerful colors.

Since most of my bottoms are basic colors, I get to have fun with my shirts and blouses. I have orange, green, white, tan and a whole host of other colors.

I just think that you don’t have to cover every inch of skin to be modest. It’s the individual action that make her modest, not her clothes. There are some people who show a way too much for everyone to see. This isn’t fair to the men out there or to their wives.
I would love to know what everyone thinks about modesty, dressing etc in today’s world. Can we still dress fashionable yet modest? Where are you favorite places to buy clothing? Do you make your own clothes?
In case you’re wondering, the picture is called “All is Vanity” and is by the American artist Charles Allen Gilbert. The original was done in 1892.

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