Menu Plan Monday October 5 thru Friday October 9 and general update

I went to the dr last week for a follow up to a sprained knee and was told I have a “loose knee” or what doctors call Patellar Instability which is any problem that can cause your knee cap (“patella”) to dislocate, or slip out of socket. The patella is probably the bone that is the most commonly dislocated in the body. When I walk I make a funny popping noise with my right knee. So, I have to ice it for 20 minutes at a time every two hours, wear a stabilizer, stay off it as much as possbile and take medicines for swelling and pain.

So this week, my darling husband, Uriah, is pitching in to help with dinner.

Monday October 5, 2009- Tonight, Uriah made Baked Ravioli and Crescent Rolls for dinner(there’s plenty of leftovers for lunches tomorrow)
Tuesday October 6, 2009- Dinner out- Tonight is Chic-Fil-A Family night at the mall-free food and goodies for everyone there
Wednesday October 7, 2009- Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches
Thursday October 8, 2009-Rolled Flank Steak, Green Beans, Carrots
Friday October 9, 2009- I was thinking about breakfast for dinner-Biscuits, Sausage, Gravy, Fried Eggs.

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