Menu Plan Monday October 12 -16 ,2009

Here is what we will be eating this week for dinner.
Monday-Panko Crusted Fried Shrimp or Fish Fillets, French Fries, Tartar Sauce
Tuesday- Baked Spaghetti Casserole
Wednesday-Chicken and Dumplings, Peas and Carrots, Canned Pears
Thursday-Flank Steak, Green Beans, Carrots
Friday-Clean Out Refrigerator Night

Lunches are going to be simple dishes like macaroni and cheese, sandwiche, chicken patties. etc
Breakfast will be cereal, biscuits, gravy etc

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  1. I just love Biscuits – anytime of the day!My family is living on a very tight budget so I'm always interested in economical, healthy recipes and grocery shopping tips. I just love MPM!Looks like your family is going to have some delicious meals.

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