Quick update

Just got our internet/phone hooked back up. Were without since 8:47 pm Tuesday
night. no power from 8:47 pm Tuesday until 2:00 pm yesterday. There are still
one lane of Lake Brook blocked due to trees in the road. My Dr said he read that
over 80,000 people were without power in TN as of 8am this morning. He saidhe
read at the height of the storm around 250,000 people in TN had no power. See
comments for more info
The storm was really bad. It was so bad that it took out the Knox County
Emergency Dispatch Call Center for almost 5 hours. There are still section of
Knoxville without power. There are 10 roads shut down due to debris in them. The
storm knocked over power lines on Middlebrook near us and three main wires were
severed due to the storm. The Red Cross is out in force to help in neighborhoods
without power.
They are calling for more storms like this until after the weekend :-

Storm damage photos from Tuesday’s storm

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