The Crafty Days of Christmas part 1

We all know how special handmade gifts can be to people who receive them. However, let’s be honest not all of us are crafty nor do all of us have the time to make beautiful handmade gifts. This is where the following lovely companies come in. Each of these great companies specialize in some type of handmade gift. From adorable hair-bows for baby girls to hats to soap you are sure to find the perfect gift not only for Christmas but any time during the year.
 Also when you visit them please let them know that you found out about them thru this blog. Thanks and have fun shopping…
Welcome to The Notable Knot, a home to funky micro macramé bracelets! You may remember the stripe bracelets and even the arrow bracelets from your school days – I have found new techniques, new patterns and an abundance of materials that tantalize my creativity and imagination! The old school bracelets are reinvented with a colorful bohemian flare, soft and comfortable feel, and enough styles to express any personality. Like us on Facebook by visiting us at    
Cute handmade accessories for baby girls. Handmade by Maya’s mommy. Like us on Facebook by viting us at
All items are made to order. If you have an idea or special request, I’ll make it come to life!Cost of accessories vary. Email me for more info. Double-layer tutu’s are available. Email me for a quote.   
Simple Hats
Ear Flap Hats
Pom Pom Ear Flap Hats
Newborn mittens
Car Seat Blankets

Welcome to my hattery! I’m a mom and housewife who crochets hats in her spare time (surprisingly enough, I do have some spare time!) 🙂 All funds earned go towards my sons and my family.
  We handcraft Goat’s Milk Soaps with all the finest ingredients. We use the highest quality oils of Coconut, Olive, Palm, Canola, and Castor. We make our soaps with 100% Goat’s Milk, Goat’s milk enriches the skin adding nutrients and is becoming one of the most sought after body care treatments worldwide!
 Adorable hats for the special child in your life.

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