Catching you all up to speed

Hey everyone! I know that I haven’t been here in what seems forever but I am going to catch up everyone up to speed.
 First news item: Dearest Husband has a job!!! That’s right, he is now doing remodeling work for a local construction company. The hours are great and we get to have him home on weekends for now. I an so grateful that God gave him this job.
Second news item: Baby Gabriel is growing like a weed. He is cooing, babbling and rolling over as well as discovering his footsies. It is so cute to watch his brothers and sisters play with him.  He has started some solid foods like organic rice cereal, pears, squash and apples. We had his dedication in January so that was a big day for us.
Third news item: We will be homeschooling in the fall. We will be doing Miss E and Mister k but not sure about Mister N (we have to see what his testing says and whether or not he is ready for kindergarten)
 I also have been reading about freezer cooking, making your own baby wipes and tons of other things. I will post about those things later.

Blessing until next time…

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