New year, new postings

Okay so a new year has started. I have the plan to write a post daily barring fire, flood, and acts of God and/or Congress. Yeah, I know there are people commencing with the eye rolling and saying to themselves “Sure you are. We’ll see…” Really I am going to do that so cut me some slack people
 I have found out a few things recently . First off that Crockpot Spaghetti is NOT all it cracked up to be. It is actually horrid- like eating cardboard with spaghetti sauce-gummy and icky. Second that mixing a bag of Oscar Mayer Recipe Style Bacon Bits with a jar of Alfredo sauce make a wicked Pasta Carbona sauce in no time flat. Third that there are some really good songs out there that I would have never heard if not for Pandora like Pain’s cover of “Eleanor Rigby‘, Pacebo’s cover of “Running Up That Hill” and one I never thought in a million years I”d even listen to much less like, Kings of Leon’s “Sex On Fire“. Finally that a Bailey’s Blizzard made with Turkey Hill’s Choco Mint Chip ice cream is to die for. Sweet, smooth and creamy -yep they’re that good. In fact I think I need to go make myself one right now….

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