Thank you stumbleupon

Thanks to StumbleUpon, I have learned about some really cool and unusual websites. I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you.
My first is . This is where poets can write their heart out and share their writing with the world. Some of the poems are heartbreakingly beautiful especially the ones about love and longing.
Another is This is where people send actual postcards and they are posted not only on the site but in the book that is coming out. I will warn you some of the secrets are rather risque so read at your own risk.
For some great recipes check out They have the best Oreo Stuffed Brownie recipe ever. I love reading their posts and their dogs are cute as well.
For my music loving fans, This site will let you create and share your own personal playlist(s) with people. It will even take three of your favorite artists and recommend playlists for you.
 Now for some of my personal favorite websites… is written by a fellow mommy friend in Rooland aka Australia. She has lots of great recipes and is always posting lots of fun pictures. One day I will go to Rooland and have tea with her.
A few years ago I started receiving Opera News. I didn’t order it but I would love to know who got me a lifetime subscription to it (if you happen to know who did tell them “Thanks” from me) Bezerk. Need I say anymore?
 Until tomorrow -I’ll be posting the menu for the week

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