Business 101-It Ain’t What It Used To Be

Today I’m going to do a few mini blogs today. I will be doing my regular posting tonight but I wanted to do a few that cover some different topics that aren’t long enough for a regular blog posting.
Suppose you’re looking to buy a new product be it a purse or wallet, video game, eyeliner or what not. A lot us will ask friends and family their thoughts about the product,. Some will actually go to a store to physically see and touch one. We might read a product review on-line or in print.Hopefully that review is non-biased and objectively written. That last statement brings me to the point of this mini blog.
I recently decided to contact some companies both local and national to ask how I could review their porducts for my blog. The majority of the companies so far have been wonderful .That was until I got an email from Vera Bradley. It was not rude or mean but just rather discouraging. Below is an actual snip of the email their customer care sent to me:

So, if you work at Vera Bradley and give a product a bad review does that mean you’re out of a job? I would hate to think that. I mean that isn’t exactly going to boost the morale of their employees.
 I decided to do some research and see if anyone else who was not a Vera Bradley employee had reviewed their product. Guess what there has been! Were these blogger comped for these reviews besides (hopefully) getting to keep their free goodies? Is there a “certain”criteria as far as what bloggers Vera Bradley chooses to associate with? Personally if I was a company and someone offered to review a product of mine I’d tell them, “Sure, we’d be honored”. Hello free publicity!! Free publicity is good but free positive publicity is even better. I’m just saying folks…
I’d love to know my readers thoughts on this? Do you think that it is fair for any company not just Vera Bradley to tell one blogger “No we won’t work with you”  and tell another” Sure, we’ll work with you?’
Until next time…

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