Brace Yourself

Okay so for the good news. I saw the orthopedic doctor on Monday for the knee I injured last month. The MRI shows no tears and major damage. What I do have is some knee instability so I have to wear a hinged brace for a little while.
I have some tips for everyone about braces,wraps and the like.
The first is to make sure that you pay close attention when being fitted with your wrap, brace or cast. This is so you can know how to put on your brace, wrap etc. If you aren’t sure ask. Trust me when I say the doctor/nurse or whoever is taking care of you will not be unhappy if you ask questions.
Second tip is that wraps, braces etc  can chafe and rub so powder sprinkled on wherever the brace, wrap etc is going to be can make you a whole lot more comfortable especially in the summer when it gets hot. I used medicated powder like Gold Bond that also helps prevent itching and helps control sweating.
I’m sure that most people have seen the sleeves for leg or knee braces that fit under them to prevent chaffing . They’re a great idea but at $30 for one most people aren’t going go running out and buying a dozen of them to have on hand. A cheaper solution is capri tights. I was able to find some for $4 a pair recently.
Third tip is to gently wash your brace, wrap by hand. I know the label claims you can machine wash them but trust me on this. A few minutes of gently hand-washing your brace in mild suds will help to prolong the life of said brace and help prevent fraying of the Velcro pieces. Never machine dry your brace, wrap etc.
I know that noone actually wants to wear a brace but let’s make the best of it when we do. A few weeks of wearing a brace will soon be a distant memory.
Until next time…

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