Menu Plan Monday September 9 thru 14- Busy Week Edition

This coming week is going to be  a week of busyness so this week’s menu is going to be simple. I’ll be using my crockpot quite a bit this week. Next week I’ll start back on Once-A-Month Cooking or OAMC as it sometimes called. I’ll be doing a special post on OAMC at the end of the month so be watching for it. My goal is to have the fridge, freezer and cabinets basically cleaned out so we don’t have to move that much food.

Breakfasts: Cereal, Scrambled Eggs or Omelets

Lunches: Sandwiches, Boneless Barbecued Wings, Fish Sticks and various veggies


Sunday:  Double Cheeseburger Hamburger Helper (Yeah, I know it’s not the healthiest thing ever but at $.79 a box on sale at Kroger it’s fast, cheap and the kids love it. Meets my requirements for dinner)

Monday: Sloppy Joes topped with shredded cheese in new Old-El Paso Stand and Stuff Soft Flour Tortillas. (I got these for free as part of a BzzAgent Campaign.) I’ll post some photos so you can see what they look like. They look like they’ll be great instead of the usual buns or bread that we use.

Tuesday: Crockpot Barbecued Ribs, Potato Chips, Celery Sticks

Wednesday: Church Dinner

Thursday:  Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (I have sauce already made and frozen in the freezer. I’ll defrost in the fridge on Wednesday, pop it in the crockpot and walk away. Yea me!!) Might make some garlic knots if I can find an easy enough recipe

Friday: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Beans. Dinner will be early that evening. Uriah and I will be busy loading the truck that evening as much as possible. Plus we sign the lease for our new place that afternoon so Friday is super busy for us.

Saturday : MOVING DAY!! Yep, we’ll be moving that day so it’ll most likely be something simple. I have this awesome pannini/indoor grill that I brought on sale a few weeks ago. I’ll probably break it out and make burgers that night.

Until next time


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3 responses to “Menu Plan Monday September 9 thru 14- Busy Week Edition

  1. Those are great ideas, and great to plan ahead, especially since you’re moving. Wishing you good luck!

  2. Meal planning is so the way to go. Wishing you a happy move. Btw, I love Panini grills. They make awesome sandwiches.

  3. I really need to be better about planning my meals. Some weeks I’m really good about follow-through but not last week. It saves so much money when I do. Your weeks looks great!

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