Come BA Star….

When you think of red lips you think of wonderful models like Suzy Parker who was the face of fashion in the 1950s and 60s as well as vintage ad for colors like Revlon’s Fire and Ice or Max Factor’s Tru-Color Lipsticks. I have always like red lipstick and when I recently was asked to try some of course I said “Yes”.

I was lucky enough to try a wonderful color called  Holiday Red by BA STAR cosmetics ( If you aren’t familiar with BA STAR here is a little information on them. BA STAR is the number one performance make-up line for cheerleaders,dancers and performance artist.If you are like me you might be wondering What good would a lipstick from a performance make-up company do for me? For starters, this is a long lasting creamy feeling lipstick that is easy to put on and better yet easy to take off. My six year old son will vouch for this fact since his big brother swiped his face with this lipstick. Yes, I did laugh at him but a quick wipe with some baby oil on a cotton ball cleaned him right up (I know parenting fail).  Every lady will tell you that a long lasting lipstick is a must especially when you are on a date. Who wants to spend half their night in the ladies’ room touching their lipstick up? I surely don’t and I can safely assume none of you ladies do either. (I can’t help you if your date is a complete dud and you’d rather hide in the ladies’ room. Sorry).

Even better was how affordable the lipstick is! No, seriously it is only $8.75 and right now BA STAR is offering a 50% discount on this great lipstick. Just enter the Reader Discount Code: BBLIPS at checkout and they’ll take 50% off your order.

So if you are looking for a great lipstick that will last and won’t break the bank be sure to check out BA STAR’s Holiday Red Lipstick.



Until next time…

(Before I forget there is a small legal thing I have to tell you. This was a sponsored post by Brandbacker and B A STAR


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