I Could Dance All Night

They say in spring a young man’s fancy turns to love. This might be true but for thousands young ladies spring means Prom. We all know that with prom comes hair, make-up, nails, a nice dinner somewhere, maybe a limo but the most important thing is The.Dress.

Oh yes, The Dress. There are so many colors, styles, lengths and so on. In fact a gal could spend years with all the dresses out there. Wait but there is hope…www.jenjenhouse.com is here to help.  Jenjenhouse.com has a wide selection of gorgeous gowns in all styles, colors, lengths and sizes.


JenJenHouse.com is the world’s leading online retail and wholesale website. In case you’re wondering about ordering your dress on-line won’t fit never fear because JenJenHouse.com offers custom sizing. For a small  additional  their tailors will use your exact measurements to create a made-to-order dress made for you.  Just grab a tape measure and a friend to help measure you, enter your measurement into the handy little boxes and voila a dress just for you.


Some retailers say they have larger sizes but stop at a 12 or even a 14. JenJenHouse.com goes to a size 16 and for $7.99 more they carry dresses up to a size 26W. Tiny gals need not worry either since Jenjenhouse.com dresses start at a size 2. So every girl can feel like a princess on her special night.


Jenjenhouse.com even has a special dresses on sale! These are wonderful and beautiful dresses are almost half off their original selling price.


My personal favorite dress is this one.
It reminds me of something Lena Horne would have worn.

There are so many to choose from that I could easily write a book about all the beautiful dresses. I am going to let you visit http://www.jenjenhouse.com/Prom-Dresses-c18/ so you can see for yourself just how wonderful these dresses are.

Oh and be sure to let them know how you found out about them. Thank you .

Until next time….


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3 responses to “I Could Dance All Night

  1. I had no idea this was available to girls looking for prom dresses. I am way past that and know no one in need. If I hear of anyone who is in the market for a prom dress, I will certainly let them know about this. 🙂

  2. Wow! Had no idea. What a great alternative to sifting through rack and racks of dresses. I’ll spread the word

  3. 20ish years later, it still urks me how awful my prom dress was, LOL. I had the choice of either black, black or black… kinda looked like I was going to a funeral. 😉 Awh, well! Am SO very glad there are a multitude of gorgeous choices available these days, especially in plus size! Will have to remember this site the next time I hear someone mention prom. 🙂

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