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Menu Plan Monday January 25, 2016 Edition

The Snowpocalypse of 2016 thankfully missed our house. The kids got to enjoy three days off from school though. They played outside and went sledding with the little bit of snow we did get.  They had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed their mini vacation. They were off Monday too for Martin Luther King day so they only went one day this week. Not that they were complaining by any chance!
This week’s menu features great buys that I got from Aldi’s and Kroger’s. If you have never checked out Aldi’s do so. They have a whole line of gluten free products called LiveGFree which includes frozen foods like Blueberry Pancakes, Cheese Pizzas and even Chicken Nuggets and snacks like Double Chocolate Brownie Muffins. Another line they have is called Fit & Active which is their lower fat line. We personally like the Fit & Active® Lean Turkey Polska Kielbasa. It’s great sliced into spaghetti sauce for baked spaghetti casserole.
My big savings this week was a Cook’s ham at Kroger. The ham was an eleven pound ham for a little over eight dollars that was originally listed for $22.00. I’m cooking it right now and once it cools, I’ll divide it into meal sized portions to freeze. I have a FoodSaver® 4980 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System that I picked up from Costco before the holidays started. This has really saved our family time and money since I can buy food in bulk and divide it into portions for our family.

Menu Plan for January 25- January 31

Funeral Sandwiches (recipe courtesy of Clever Housewife,
Dutch Apple Pie w/ Whipped Cream (Aldi’s special – twenty five cents for the pie!)
Baked Pork Chops
Cheesy Julienne Potatoes
Mixed Vegetables
Salisbury Steaks
Steamed Rice
Green Beans
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce
Garlic Bread
 (Darling husband is cooking tonight. I’ll be out of town with Gabriel at an appointment.)
Hot Dogs
Macaroni and Cheese
Baked Beans
Roasted Chicken Thighs
Sweet Peas
Breakfasts: Cereal, French Toast, Mickey Waffles, Oatmeal etc
Lunches: Leftovers, Sandwiches, etc
I was looking for something pretty for this post and I came across this lovely painting. It’s called Midsummer’s Eve and was painted in 1908 by British painter Edward Robert Hughes (1851-1914). Hughes worked mainly in watercolors and was part of the artistic movement called Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. With all the cold weather everyone has been having lately, I thought a picture of something warm would be great.
Until next time…

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Feed me…Part 1 of the Menu Planning Journey

I was recently looking at article online and it gave a week worth of dinner menus. That was a great idea since it gave complete shopping list along with the menu. After a closer look I realized that there was no way that any normal family would eat these dishes. Plus it required you to have on hand things that a lot of us simply don’t have like walnut oil,  dry sherry (I thought sherry was wet since it is a liquid. Dry sherry is made with lighter grapes than regular sherry) and other odd things
So I decided as a project to search thru all my vintage cookbooks, magazines and the internet to create a menu for the month of February that would meet the following requirements; (1) It must have dishes that we would actually eat plus a new side or main course each day for variety (2) Anyone could make the dishes on the menu without having to have a degree from the Cordon Bleu cooking school (3) The cost per day broke down like this -breakfast would cost $5.00, lunch would cost $5.00 and dinner would cost $10.00 and last but not least (4) It had to feed my family of six for under $600.
 I am now armed with my goals as far as my menu plan for the month of February. I will be doing research and figuring the costs of each meal. My goal is to each Sunday evening to post the upcoming week’s menu with a cost breakdown. I hope by doing this I can give my readers ideas for planning their own menus for the week saving them time and money.
Until next time…

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Gobble, Gobble, Gobble …

Burgers… Thick, juicy burgers on a buttery toasted bun. Like the ones Jimmy Buffett sings about in Cheeseburger in Paradise. Usually if said burger is made with ground turkey let’s just say the chances said burger staying whole is pretty slim. Turkey burgers are for some reason more inclined to crumble than beef burgers during cooking. My goal was to create a recipe for moist turkey burgers that wouldn’t fall apart during cooking. Besides right now the weather outside isn’t exactly what you’d call “tropical” more like “wet and cold with a side of wet and cold”
 I had made turkey burgers before using just ground turkey. No matter what I did they either fell apart or if by some fluke of nature they stayed whole the inside was undercooked-not cool. So when DH brought home some  99% Fat Free Ground Breast of Turkey :
( I thought “Maybe this might work better than regular ground turkey.” I had read that turkey needs a binding agent to help hold it together and prevent the dreaded crumbling. Armed with knowledge I set out make the perfect turkey burger and here’s the results. A nice juicy turkey burger that just begs to slapped on a buttered bun to be topped with whatever your little heart desires

The Perfect Turkey Burger
1lb 99% Fat Free Ground Breast of Turkey Rolls
1/2 c. unseasoned dried bread crumbs
2 eggs
2 tablespoons Chicken Bullion Powder (I use Knorr brand that I buy from the local Asian supermarket)
Shortening for frying ( I used Butter Flavored Crisco)
1. In a large bowl mix all the ingredients together by hand. This is a great activity for the kids to do if they want to help with dinner. Set aside. Turn your oven on to the lowest setting- this is so you can keep the burgers that are done while you continue to cook more and also help in the cheese melting process.

2. Heat a large skillet over medium high heat or until a drop of water sizzles. Once the skillet is that hot turn the heat to medium and melt some shortening in it. With wet hand grab a small blob of meat mixture, shape it into a ball and drop into the frying pan. Gently press down on said “meatball” until it’s a patty about 1/2″ thick. Depending on how big your frying pan is you should be able to get probably two more patties in. Fry for three minutes or until brown on the bottom. When done, flip them and cook another three minutes. After the second three minute cooking , lower the heat to medium low and let them cook covered for a full seven (7) minutes. I know you might be tempted to not do the full time but I don’t any of you guys getting sick from eating undercooked turkey, especially my pregnant readers, little ones and anyone else who might be a higher risk for problems. So please cook them the entire seven minutes.

3. After the seven minutes are up, place the burgers on a cookie sheet and slide them into the warm oven. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all your meat mixture is used up. If you want to put cheese on them you can do so now, the warm burgers along with the heat from the oven will help melt the cheese more evenly.

4. For an added treat serve them on butter-toasted buns. To make these, spread softened butter or margarine on the inside of burger buns and toast them until golden in the frying pan you fried the burgers in over medium heat.

Dh was wonderful enough to take photos of said burgers for me along with a few photos of what I served with them. 
 They were a great success and as my kids and husband say  “A definite keeper” for the recipe box. 

Until the next time…


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Menu Plan Monday for July 20 thru 24 2009

This week I plan to use my crockpot a lot more. I read an article that said for 7 hours on low a crock pot only costs $0.06 to run for the whole day! I did the math and it would cost you only
$1.86 for 31 days of usage. Plus it doesn’t heat up your kitchen up . The best part to me is that you can put stuff in the crockpot in the morning and have dinner done except for a few sides without slaving over a hot stove.

Monday: Pork Chops with Apples
Creamed Corn
Steamed Rice

Tuesday: Easy Barbecue Crockpot Meatballs
Buttered Noodles
Green Peas

Wednesday: Crockpot Russian Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans

Thursday: Crockpot macaroni and cheese with ham

Friday: Haven’t quite decided but I will post it when I do

Breakfasts will be cereal, waffles and oatmeal

Lunch will be leftovers

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menu plan monday may 11 thru may 16

Menu Plan Monday-May 11 thru May 15th 2009
Monday-Spaghetti w/ meat sauce
Tuesday-Pierogies, Smoked Sausages
Wednesday-Meatloaf, Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes
Thursday-Swedish Meatballs, Noodles, Peas
Friday-London Broil with Mahogany Sauce, Rice(make extra for tomorrow’s dinner), Carrots
Saturday-Slow cooked chicken legs,leftover rice, veggie of some sort

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Menu for the week of January 25 thru January 31, 2009

Sunday Jan. 25
Breakfast [b]- Cereal w/ milk
Lunch [l] – Lunch out
Snack [s]- yogurts
Dinner [d]- Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans

Monday Jan. 26
B-Toast w/ jelly
L- Clean Out Refrigerator Day
D- Cheriyaki Chicken, Steamed Rice, Veggies {Chinese New Year Today}

Tuesday Jan. 27
B- Cereal w/milk
S- Pudding
D-Swedish Meatballs, Noodles, Peas

Wednesday Jan. 28
L-Ham and Cheese Pie
D- Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Thursday Jan 29
B-Cereal w/ milk
L-Macaroni & cheese
D-Clean Out Refrigerator Night

Friday Jan. 30
B-Cereal w/ milk
D- Hamburgers, Chips

Saturday Jan 31
B- Biscuits w/ Gravy
D- Pork Chops, Stuffing, Corn on the Cob

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Changes to the menu for the upcoming week

I got to reading the menu for the upcoming week and noticed that on Sunday and Monday we were having potatoes. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem but we had potatoes tonight so I decided to change the Sunday menu to read like this:

Sunday January 11,
< < < < < < < < < < <
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, muffins, bacon and juice or coffee
Lunch: Macaroni and cheese
Snack: Brownies
Dinner: Steaks, stuffing, carrots, crescent rolls

until next time

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